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Afternoon Presentation with Ivan Lansberg: "Governing Family Enterprises: How to Achieve Consensus Among Family Members and Implement Lasting Structures"

Josh Baron: "Institute for Family Governance Ownership Models and Effective Governance"


To access a presentation's slides, follow the blue title link. For some presentations, links to additional articles and notes are provided. For each file, enter the password that was circulated to 2019 conference attendees.

Governing the Family Enterprise: The Evolution of Family Councils, Assemblies & Constitutions

Dennis Jaffe & Edward Vergara

Governance Structures that Actually Fit a Psychological Model of Human Behavior

John W. Ambrecht & Michael D. Whitty

Adapt, Change or Disappear: Four-Dimensional Wealth

David R. York

Fiduciary Challenges & Resolutions—Case Studies

Daniel F. Lindley, Laurent Roux, Caterina Benati, & Babetta von Albertini

Strengthening the Family Business by Empowering the Next Generation

Andrew Keyt & Carolyn A. Reers

Crisis or Opportunity? How Best to Work through Challenging Family Business Transitions

Scott Mitchell, Jamie Forbes, & Mitzi Perdue

NextGen Beneficiary Involvement with Social Impact Investing—Passing Fad or
Transformative Opportunity?

Donnel Baird, Doug Macauley, & Drew Mason

Keynote: Texas Patriarch—The Rise and Fall of a Family Business

Doug Box