Dennis Jaffe, Wise Counsel Research


Tools for Positive Change in Family Business Systems: Lessons Learned from 100-Year Business Families

Drawing from research that interviewed more than 100 global families who had thrived for more than three generations as a family and as business/financial enterprises, this workshop will share their best practices for success. These families developed practices to express their values in action, adapt and grow their businesses and financial assets, help their rising generations thrive and grow, develop connected families who enjoyed being together, hold meaningful discussions about the meaning and purpose of their wealth, organize processes for making effective and fair decisions for the family and their business, and serving their communities and the planet. We will offer a family assessment tool, and explore and share practical frameworks for holding family meetings to develop alignment among family members, creating a family council and board of directors, and developing family stewards in each new generation. 

More About Dennis

Dr. Jaffe, a San Francisco-based advisor to families about family business, governance, wealth and philanthropy, recently completed the working papers "Governing the Family Enterprise: The Evolution of Family Councils, Assemblies and Constitutions, Releasing the Potential of the Rising Generation", and "Good Fortune: Building a Hundred Year Family Enterprise", published by Wise Counsel Research, based on his current research with global multi-generational family enterprises. Dennis is author (or co-author) of Cross Cultures: How Global Families Negotiate Change Across Generations; Stewardship in your Family Enterprise: Developing Responsible Family Leadership Across Generations, and Working With the Ones You Love, as well as management books Rekindling Commitment, Getting Your Organization to Change and Take this Work and Love It. He has a BA degree in Philosophy, MA in Management, and Ph.D. in sociology, all from Yale University, and is professor emeritus of organizational systems and psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco.

Event Details

Monday, November 18, 2019
1:15 pm
1:30–4:30 pm Workshop

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Bratschi Wiederkehr & Buob AG
Rechtsanwälte | Attorneys-at-Law
Bahnhofstrasse 70
CH-8021 Zürich

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You may sign up for the workshop using the registration link below. Email Babetta von Albertini at babetta@ifgworldwide.org with questions.