Deidre Koppelman, PEAR Core Solutions


how to decide whether to Hire Family Members or Professional Managers

A key challenge for family offices, as well as family-owned businesses, is balancing the stewardship and care that a staff of family members brings with the need for best practices and experience that comes with a professional management team. Choosing what is best for the family depends entirely on its objectives. Perhaps no decision is more central to the success of the company than its human capital. Deidre will share her profound insight in working with families on assessing team synergy and development of human capital within a team. Participants of the workshop will also be given the (optional) opportunity to complete an assessment prior to the workshop, and learn about how they are instinctively wired to take action. Participants will be given their own personalized development reports and an opportunity to have a personal interpretation session with Deidre.


More About Deidre

Deidre works with companies on their organizational development, human capital management and talent acquisition. She puts her energy into organizational development, succession planning and leadership development and uses behavioral analytics to create unique strategies that work for each client. Deidre is one of 3 individuals in the State of New York that is certified to identify how we are instinctively hard-wired to operate. You can listen to Deidre on WCBS Newsradio 880, where she hosts “GutwiZdom; Radio That Resonates” a weekly show focusing on universal challenges that are faced both in life and in business. Deidre previously held various positions at Time Warner, NBC, GE Capital and Doubleday.


The Union League Club
38 E 37th St,
New York, NY 10016

Event Details

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
1:15 pm Sign-in
1:30–4:30 pm Workshop

How to Register

You may sign up for the pre-conference workshop using the registration link below. Attendance is limited to registrants of the IFG 2019 Annual Conference. Email Babetta von Albertini at babetta@ifgworldwide.org with questions.