Dr. Jamie Weiner, Inheriting Wisdom


Raised in "The Land of Giants": Listen to the Voices of the Next Generation

For children of parents who are very accomplished, the two greatest challenges are: (i) feeling worthy in their own right, and (ii) finding their own place in the world. Whether from Indonesia, Costa Rica, Milwaukee or a small town in Canada, they all grew up in "The Land of Giants." As part of an ongoing oral-research project, the voices of the next generation offer a unique perspective, and Jamie will share excerpts from his interviews. In their own words, the next generation will help us understand how they decide to remain part of a family enterprise or to disengage from it. Some will become giants in their own right. Others will become family champions, serve on boards or family counsel, and find their own, unique way to walk among giants. 

More About Jamie

Dr. Jamie Weiner is based in Chicago and is the Co-founder of Inheriting Wisdom. Together with his wife, Dr. Carolyn Friend, he works on helping families and their enterprises with the unique challenges that come with significant wealth. Jamie is co-author of The Legacy Conversation: the Missing Gem in Wealth Planning. His new book, The Land of Giants, is scheduled to come out in early 2020, and gives voice to a rising generation that is more prepared than we think. Jamie is a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute (FFI), has served on the FFI global board and chaired the Editorial Board of the FFI Practitioner, an online publication. He is a Curator and Member of the Board of Advisors to the Family Wealth Library. Thrilled to bring new idea's to life, Jamie has presented globally.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
8:00 am
8:15–9:45 am Breakfast Workshop

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